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What to Expect from a Session...


Initial Session

55-85 minutes

Personalized Nutrition Prescription

Includes macronutrient, hydration, and fiber goals catered to your needs. Depending on your medical conditions or goals, additional specific micronutrient goals may also be provided.


Example Daily Meal Pattern

Includes recommended meal and snack pattern to show you and example of how to meet your nutrition prescription. 

Starting Grocery List 

Based on your food preferences, you will receive a starting grocery list you can use to start stocking your fridge and pantry. 


Food Tracking Setup

Based on your  needs, I will help you set up a food tracking system that will help you meet your goals. There are many apps, tools and options that you can use.​​

1 Week Meal Plan*

Available for an additional fee.





25-55 minutes

S.M.A.R.T. Goals 

Creation and check-up on specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely short-term goals to help you meet your long-term goals.


Nutrition Education

Based on your specific goals and needs, sessions will incorporate nutrition education such as how to decipher the nutrition facts label, tips and tricks for meal planning and preparation, and what to look for to meet fiber goals.

Recipes and Product Ideas 

Along the way, you will be given help including recipes and ideas to help you continue on your journey to meet your long-term goals.




Insight Call

15 minutes 

This is a phone call to see if Knoxville Dietitian Services is the right fit for your goals. During this call, you can discuss your goals and what Knoxville Dietitian Services can offer to help meet those goals. There is no obligation with the call, just a simple way to ask questions and possibly set up an initial session.



We take insurance, and they usually cover 100% of sessions under preventative care. You may be eligible for anywhere from 3 to unlimited session each year.

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