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Weight Managment

Have you tried multiple diets and supplements but in the end wound up right back where you started? Those programs are often unstainable and expensive! I can help create a customized nutrition plan for you that will allow you to achieve your weight goals and keep off the weight long-term. No gimmicks or unsustainable changes required!


Chronic Disease Prevention and Management

Has your doctor ever mentioned blood pressure, blood sugar or cholesterol as a concern for you? These can all increase the risk of chronic disease or affect your quality of life. The good news is that your diet can help manage or even reverse these conditions. That is where I can step in and provide you with the details of how to do it! 


General Health, Happiness, Vitality, and Energy

Many of my clients may not have specific goals around food. They just want to eat well and feel their best. Many prefer to not look at weight at all, which I fully support. Instead, I can look at the way you eat, including how you think and feel about foods, and identify areas where we can create a more well-rounded diet. The dietary patterns over the long-term are what truly affect health and vitality.  


Mindful and Intuitive Eating

Are you tired of counting calories? Do you consider your relationship with food to be "complicated"? Maybe you have dealt with disordered eating patterns in the past, or maybe you are just tired of thinking about food all day long. If you want to maximize your health, counting calories or macros may not be the safest or most effective method for you. Instead, creating a relationship with food that is healthy, free from labeling foods good or bad, could be a game changer. 


Sports, Muscles and Macros

Are you looking to optimize your performance? Do you want to know what you should be eating to put on muscle? Do you need help knowing how much protein to eat? I can help you set up goals that allow you to increase muscle mass and feel your best during workouts and performances. 

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